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Privacy Policy


Gulumse Agız ve Dis Sagligi Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti. has adopted the following basic rules in order to protect the confidentiality of all information provided by its patients:
• We only request information from our patients that is related to product/service applications and that we deem necessary
for us to provide services to them.
• All measures have been taken to ensure that the system and infrastructure of Gulumse Agız ve Dis Sagligi Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti.
• All necessary precautions have been taken to prevent the information that our patients have entered to  for product/service application and information update purposes from being viewed by other
internet users.
• Unauthorized access to the information shared by our patients with our organisation is restricted, including the personnel
of Gulumse Agız ve Dis Sagligi Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti. The said information is not shared with any third party,
institution, or organization, except for the approval of our patients or unless there is a legal obligation.
• In case Gulumse Agız ve Dis Sagligi Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti. with different organizations in order to receive
support services, these companies are ensured to comply with our organisation’s privacy standards and conditions.
• Our commitments in our Privacy Policy are valid only for our address and do not cover other
websites linked at . In the use of other websites in question, the privacy policy, and terms of use of
those websites apply.
• Gulumse Agız ve Dis Sagligi Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti. The information usage, ethical principles, privacy
policies, quality, and service quality of other websites visited via for advertisement, banner,
content, or any other purpose, and any problems that may occur on these sites. is not responsible for material/moral damages
and losses.
• The risk of links to other websites to which links are given in  and to other websites belongs
to the user. The accuracy of the information given on these sites and the quality of other links provided from these sites have
not been investigated and verified by Gulumse Agız ve Dis Sagligi Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti.

General Terms of Use and Limitation of Liability
By entering the GULUMSE website, you agree to the following terms.
Therefore, first, we kindly ask you to carefully read the following terms regarding the “General Terms of Use and Limitation of
If you do not accept the specified conditions, please do not use the GULUMSE  Website or any of its pages, do not apply for
products and services.

• The copyrights, registered trademarks, patents, intellectual and other property rights regarding the information, materials
and their arrangement on this website belong to Gulumse Agız ve Dis Sagligi Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti. Any
person/organization, previously registered as Gulumse Agız ve Dis Sagligi Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti. It cannot
use a certain part of this website on another website or other place or establish a link from another website without the
written permission of.
• All kinds of information and materials provided on this website are provided “as is”, “as available”. Gulumse Agız ve Dis Sagligi Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti. does not guarantee the accuracy and adequacy of this information and
expressly rejects any responsibility that may arise due to errors or omissions in this information. Not violating the rights of
third parties with this information; makes no warranties of any kind, implied, express, or legal, including, but not limited to,
warranties of ownership, merchantability, and/or fitness for a particular purpose.
• Including direct or indirect damages, losses, and expenses arising from reasons such as any performance failure, error,
deficiency, interruption, defect, delay in operation and/or transmission, computer virus, line and/or system failure during
the use of this website. Gulumse Agız ve Dis Sagligi Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti. and/or its employees are not
liable, even if they are aware of the possibility of such damage and loss.
• Gulumse Agız ve Dis Sagligi Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti. reserves the right to change all products and services,
pages, information, visual elements, and conditions contained in this website without prior notice.
• Certain sections and pages of this website may contain additional terms to those mentioned above. In case of conflict
between the general terms and additional terms stated here, additional terms regarding the relevant section and page
• Turkish Law shall be applied in disputes arising from the use of this website, regardless of the conflict of law’s provisions.
In case of disputes, Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices are also authorized in addition to the legally authorized

Cookie Policy

As Gulumse Agız ve Dis Sagligi Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti. we use cookies to improve your experience during your
visits to our websites. The use of these technologies is carried out in accordance with the legislation we are subject to,
especially the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (“KVK Law”). For more detailed information about the
processing of your personal data by our organisation, we recommend that you read the “Protection of Personal Data” content
What is a cookie?
Cookies are cookies that websites leave on your computer to provide you with a faster and safer experience. They enable us
to recognize your computer when you visit our site again and to provide you with services tailored to your needs more quickly.

Why Do We Use Cookies?
• To improve user experiences on your next visits to our website,
• To create analyzes and statistics that will help us improve the functions of our website,
• Keeping records of the information entered the calculation tools,
• To be able to offer you our organisation’s products and services in accordance with your preferences within the
framework of your usage habits, to personalize our website,
• We use cookies to carry out more effective marketing activities.

Two types of cookies are used on our website: “Temporary Cookies” and “Permanent Cookies”.
Temporary cookies are active during the time you spend on our site and are deleted from your computer when you leave the
Persistent cookies are created when you visit our website and remain on your hard drive until you delete them, or they expire.
Persistent cookies help us to provide you with a personalized experience in line with your settings.
Persistent and Temporary Cookies do not collect user confidential information, including your personal data stored on your
computer or files.

Where Do We Use Temporary Cookies?
temporary cookies; We use them on the “Training Offer” and “Training Detail” pages, in the “Captcha” official application and
“Offer Calculation” application, which is used to verify that you are a real person, not an automatic software.
Where Do We Use Persistent Cookies?
Persistent Cookies; We use them in calculation tools, personal data, recently visited pages, banners, province and district
definitions on the “Request for Offer” page and for those who participated in the survey in the “Survey” field.
Types of Cookies We Use and Their Descriptions
Session Cookies
They are cookies that allow the use of various features such as carrying information between internet pages and
systematically remembering the information entered by the user, and they are necessary for the functions of the website to
function properly.

Performance Cookies
These are cookies that collect information about the frequency of visiting the pages, possible error messages, the total time
users spend on the relevant page, and the usage patterns of the site. It is used to increase the performance of the website.
Functional Cookies
These are cookies that remind the previously selected options for the convenience of the user. It aims to provide users with
advanced internet features.
Operational Cookies
These are cookies that enable you to take advantage of the functions on this site or detect irregular behavior to ensure the
administration and security of your systems.
Advertising and Third-Party Cookie
Cookies from third party suppliers. It allows the use of some functions on the website and the tracking of advertisements.


What Are Your Rights as a Data Owner?
In accordance with Article 11 of the KVK Law, data owners:
• Learning whether personal data is processed or not,
• If personal data has been processed, requesting information about it,
• Learning the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used in accordance with its purpose,
• Knowing the third parties to whom personal data is transferred at home or abroad,
• Requesting correction of personal data in case of incomplete or incorrect processing and requesting notification of the
transaction made within this scope to the third parties to whom the personal data has been transferred,
• Requesting the deletion or destruction of personal data if the reasons requiring its processing have disappeared,
although it has been processed in accordance with the provisions of the KVK Law and other relevant laws, and
requesting that the transaction made within this scope be notified to the third parties to whom the personal data has
been transferred
• Objecting to the emergence of a result against the person himself by analyzing the processed data exclusively
through automated systems,
• In case of loss due to unlawful processing of personal data, it has the right to demand compensation of the damage.
If you send your requests regarding your rights in question by calling our Customer Communication Center at 02122221001 and at  or from our branches, your applications will be evaluated and finalized as
soon as possible and within 30 (thirty) days at the latest.


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